Poker Promotions

MNF Progressive Splash Pots

September 11-December 25

Monday’s 5:30 pm until the end of the game

Progressive Splash pots will increase with every touchdown!

 Payout Table:

  • 1  Touchdown-$10
  • 2 Touchdowns-$15
  • 3 Touchdowns-$20
  • 4 Touchdowns-$25
  • 5 Touchdowns-$30
  • 6 Touchdowns-$35
  • 7 Touchdowns-$40
  • 8 Touchdowns-$45
  • Field Goals-$5 Splash Pots
  • Interceptions-$5 Splash Pots
  • Kickoff Return-$50 Splash Pots


Hot Poker Spot- Texas Hold’em Payout

Come down and try your luck with the Hot Poker Spot side wager. This special side wager for Texas Hold’Em games.  Place a wager between $1 and $5 to try to make a straight or better in Texas hold’em, and rack in the winnings!

Must be playing the Hot Poker Spot Wager

  •  Royal Flush- 1000 for 1
  • Straight Flush- 200 for 1
  • 4 of a Kind- 100 for 1
  • Full House- 25 for 1
  • Flush- 15 for 1
  • Straight- 10 for 1


$2-$10 Spread Limit Texas Hold’em

Every Wednesday at 10am

$2-$10 Limit Spread bet on Texas Hold’em


Poker Room VIP

Build up your hours while playing your favorite game in the Poker Room. Check in with your River Club Card and become part of the Poker Room VIP. The top 9 players of each game will receive VIP offers.           (offers may vary)

 No Limit:

  • $40 Mini-Mart Coupon
  • Hotel Stay
  • $25 Dining Coupon
  • Special Poker Card Guard


  • $20 Mini-Mart Coupon
  • $50 Chips
  • Hotel Stay
  • Special Poker Card Guard




Poker Guide

Win-River Resort & Casino is your premier Poker and Table Games destination. We are proud to offer our guests the most exciting tournaments in Northern California. Plan a trip to visit the Poker Room or the 21 Pit for a thrilling getaway. See your friendly floorperson for game details.